Target Audience: How To Reach Them And Get Rich

Who Is Your Target Audience?
Who Is Your Target Audience?

A Target Audience is often misunderstood by writers and salespeople alike, which means there may not be a target audience for your book or product as you have it developed now. This is because there is a big difference between who you want  to reach with your writing, and who you will actually  reach.

And who you want to reach is whoever wants to hear, read, or buy what you have to say. And you may have even written a book or launched a blog just for this purpose. But just because you have written it or developed it, doesn’t mean they will buy it or read it. So who you will reach may be no one, or a very few of the wrong people.

But with your insight and talent, why is that?

You have done the research and you may even be a member of your own target audience. And yet, no one is buying your book or reading your writing.

Let’s talk about why you haven’t reached your target audience first:

  1. You have assumed what people want to read or buy without asking them.
  2. Your understanding is that there is a need for your book or your opinions on a topic where there may not be one.
  3. You have overlooked a segment of the population who may, in fact, actually be interested in what you have to say.

And while this is an unpleasant thing to consider, many gifted writers never make it because they don't know how to define their target audience. Or even how to target an audience. So they write for different types of target markets that will never buy their books.

And now let's talk about target audience  vs. target market:

Because these two terms are often mistaken as being the same thing when they aren't. A target market is defined as who you are writing for. But a target audience is defined as who is going to buy your book.  So in essence, when you determine who is your target market, you are simply deciding the age group, reading level, language, sex, and other physical characteristics of who you are writing for.

But just because you write for a list of target markets doesn't mean they are book buyers. So you have to write for the people who are going to buy your book instead. This is your target audience.

For example, you may want to write a children's book for a target market of children ages 5-7 years-old. But who is actually going to buy your book?  In reality, it will be the parents who buy the book and read it to the child.  So the parent is your target audience, not the child. The child is just a part of your target marketing group. So you have to write your children's book so that a parent will purchase it. Because people they trust recommended it. This is how marketing to a specific audience works.

Because you don't want to rely on a child to demand the parent purchase a book for them. Which really means that you want to appeal to the parent as much as possible. And this is one of the types of targeting strategy that will work in your favor to sell books. And you can see why defining your target audience is more important than writing for a target market and why target audience marketing is so vital to selling books.

So what is a target audience with regards to book writing?

A target audience in writing is still a set of readers who want to buy your books, but maybe for different reasons than you realize. Going back to the children's book example, a parent may buy a book for a child because their  parents read it to them. Or a teacher recommended it. Maybe another parent or coworker recommended it because it puts their child to sleep. Or a librarian recommended it, or someone else the parent listens to about raising their child.

So no matter what you are writing, these are the people to keep in mind when you are looking at how to target an audience. Because most people buy books that someone else recommends. And these people are your real examples of a target audience description.

So who is your target audience becomes who is going to recommend your book to the target market you are writing for, e.g., 5-7 year-old children. And how to target an audience that will recommend your book will become the key to selling it.

Now let’s talk about how to find your target audience:

First, assume nothing, and do some research. Find out what is popular on the internet with regards to your topic when you do a browser search. Is your book or writing current with or relevant to what your target audience is talking about now? If not, you need to refocus it on what the people who recommend books are recommending people read. If you have a blog, your content marketing strategy should be to start writing for these people and see what kind of content marketing examples they respond to.

Second, if the purpose of your book or blog is already satisfied by many other books or blogs, you may need to come up with something that is complementary  to what is already there. Or come up with the next trend for your target audience or audiences.

Third, you may still be writing your book for types of target markets, and not the example of a target audience who will buy your book. So forget about writing for generic types of target markets. Reevaluate who is responding to your online communications about your writing to find your target audience online. You may already have a target audience, just not the one you originally wanted. Redirect your efforts to these people and forget about the different types of target markets who are never going to buy your books because they don't exist.

Reaching A Target Audience Will Help You Get Rich.

But you have to know who they are and what they want. And defining your target audience is the most important thing you can do as a writer if you want to sell your book. And the best way to do this is through a blog or social media. Just make sure not to override what people are actually looking for  with what you want to write for them. These are two completely different things. But once you master this, you will connect with your target audience and have a best-selling book.

I know you can do it.

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