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Today's Vocabulary Word.

Definition of Lemures :

\ ˈle-mə-ˌrās \ plural noun;  spirits of the unburied dead exorcised from homes in early Roman religious rites.  

"Lord Chadwick sighed. And once again, he would have to call the exorcist to rid the attic of the lemures that constantly infested the upper floors of the castle."



Other Vocabulary Words

Definition of Jinni :

\ jə-ˈnē \ noun;  one of a class of spirits that according to Arabic demonology inhabit the earth, assume various forms, and exercise supernatural power.  

"So Lady Elspeth's cousin had married a jinni. And that was no surprise to the family!"


Definition of Lamia :

\ ˈlā-mē-ə \ noun;  a female demon or vampire. And also, a mythical monster, with the body of a woman said to prey on human beings and suck the blood of children.  

"And as soon as he found out Lady Elspeth's cousin, the lamia, was coming for the holidays, Lord Manifred booked a vacation to the netherworld."


Definition of Diablerie :

\ dē-ˈä-blə-rē \ noun;  black magic, sorcery. And also, a representation in words or pictures of black magic or of dealings with the devil. Or, demon lore.  

"Dr. Schumacher's correspondence course in diablerie took a turn for the worse. The zombies had turned on him and the college's website was down."


Definition of Bruja :

\ ˈbrüˌhä-ˌḵä \ noun;  a witch or a sorceress. 

"Coming from a long line of proud brujas, Lady Elspeth simply would not tolerate being referred to as a common witch in the local paper."


Definition of Gramarye :

\ˈgramərē \ noun;  Middle French word meaning book of sorcery. And also, necromancy, magic, enchantment.

"Lord Chadwick threw his gramarye at Dr. Schumacher after he called out his lordship as a humbug."


Definition of Goety :

\ˈgōətē \ noun;  black magic or witchcraft in which the assistance of evil spirits is invoked. And also, necromancy.

"Lady Elspeth did not practice the dark art of goety so much as she drank too much bathtub gin."


Definition of Killcrop :

\ˈkilˌkräp \ noun;  voracious infant. And also, a fairy changeling.

"Lady Elspeth considered her killcrop quite an improvement over the baby it replaced."

Definition of Abiogenisis :

\ˌā-ˌbī-ō-ˈje-nə-səs \ noun;  the origin of life from nonliving matter.

"Although Dr. Schumacher never quite managed the dark art of abiogenisis, he was certainly adept at waking Lady Elspeth from a deep sleep. But not without a loud blast on his French horn."

Definition of Eldritch :

\ˈel-drich \ adjective;  strange or unnatural, especially in a way that inspires fear. And also, weird, sinister, or eerie.

"Lord Manifred thought Lady Elspeth to be quite an eldritch specter without her Halloween mask."

Definition of Wraith :

\ˈrāth \ noun;  the exact likeness of a living person, and usually seen just before (or after) their death as an apparition. Also, a ghost, specter, shadow - or wisp of something insubstantial.

"Lady Elspeth got along famously with her wraith, right up until her untimely demise."

Definition of Chthonic :

\ˈthä-nik \ adjective;  of or relating to the underworld. And also, infernal.

"Lady Elspeth was able to use her chthonic crystal ball to summon the spirits until she cracked it on Lord Manifred Chadwick's skull."


Definition of Petrichor :

\ ˈpe-trə-ˌkȯr \ noun;  a pleasant smell that frequently accompanies the first rain after a long period of warm, dry weather.

"Bang Chow The Panda was able to smell the petrichor from his confines at the Garden City Zoo, and he knew the rabbit revolution was coming."


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