Write A Book That Stands Out From All The Others

Writing A Book That Stands Out From All The Others
Write A Book That Doesn't Get Lost

I want to write a book, where do I start?

We've all said it.

But then, when you go to write, all you can think of is what-to-write-a-book-about ideas that have already been taken. Taken by someone who was also writing a book for the first time. But somehow, they were able to write a book online for fun and turn it into a best selling book. One of the top selling books of all time.

So how do you write a book online and get paid? Or just create a book online that someone will read for free?

Because the book topic ideas that sound good are already taken, and no one seems to be interested in your original ideas. Yet.

So how to write a book that stands out from all the others and becomes a best seller is a good question!

Because it is harder than it sounds.

And yet, it is the most important thing you can do when you learn how to start to writing a book. If you want to sell it. This is because when anyone goes to buy your book – whether it is online or in a book store – they will also be looking at thousands of other books besides yours. So what will make them buy your book out of all the others they have to choose from?

There are three things to consider when you learn how to write your first book. And although you have probably heard them before, they are still the most important 3 things about how to write a book so that it will sell.

Write A Book That Stands Out From All The Others:

The Title.

Your title has to be catchy. Period. And it also has to have a ring to it. Or intrigue someone enough so that they will want to know more. About you and your book. And the reader has to be drawn in by the title. So much so that if they pass it up the first time (because they didn’t expect to find it), they will come back later to look at the cover art or read the description.

So when you think, "I want to write a book, where do I start?" - start with the title. This is one of the first steps to writing a book that will sell. Many writers put this off, thinking the title will come later.  But they wind up writing only part of a book. And then looking for free book writing software or a write-a-book app to help them finish it.  Because they have no catchy title to focus the rest of the book on.

Or worse yet, they sit there, wondering how to start a book's first sentence, and never start at all. And any online writing platform will tell you: start with the title and the rest will write itself.

So, if you are stuck with your writing, do you have a title yet? And if so, is your title thought-provoking enough to where someone would immediately buy it?

Write A Book That Stands Out From All The Others:

The Cover Art.

While it sounds like a backwards way of how to start writing a book, it isn't. Because the cover art, along with the title, can set the whole tone for the book you are going to write. In fact a great title, along with compelling cover art, will inspire you write. Much more so than a book ideas generator or a online list of ideas for a book.

And a bestselling book cover with an intriguing title will encourage you to finish your book every time you look at it. This is a much more exciting way of how to write your first book. And if you have a really nice cover, the cover art will give you many more fiction book ideas than looking for book ideas on Tumblr.

Which means the cover art has to be right on the mark. To further draw someone in. Standing out boldly from all the other hundreds of books at the online bookstore or on the bookshelf. And the cover art has to immediately catch the viewer’s eye or spark their imagination. Or establish your authority, if you are writing nonfiction. And also provoke some sort of thoughts that grab hold of the viewer.

Do you have cover art that makes a bold statement? Remember, cover art can be as simple as an intriguing black and white photograph from a Creative Commons Zero Website. With a really nice font.

Write A Book That Stands Out From All The Others:

The Description.

Your book description is the final linchpin that will persuade a reader to buy your book. Because the interesting combination of the title and cover art have lead the viewer to want to read the description of your book. So that they can decide whether or not they want to purchase it. And the book’s description is the final step to write a book that makes it stand out from all the others.

So what does your book have to offer that no other book will satisfy? You will have to write a compelling description that pulls the reader in and leaves them wanting more. And to want to buy your book. Again, you may be thinking, how can I write a description for a book I haven't written yet?

The answer is that the steps to writing a book outline (one of the steps to writing a book) is the perfect way of how to start writing a book for beginners. So if you write your book outline first (your book description) it will speed up the process of writing the book itself and keep you on track. A book description will help you finish writing a book for the first time because, in your mind, you will have already written it.

Keep in mind that if the person who views your book description has a clear picture of what your book is about, they will buy your book. Because they will know that you are a real writer who has a clear vision as well. Along with a persuasive title and cover art, your book becomes a total package that people will enjoy buying and reading.

So - is your book description absolutely enticing - even to the casual reader?

Write A Book That Becomes A Bestseller.

Make sure that you have these three things in place first if you are writing a book for the first time. Or even before you start to write a book. Because selling your book is so important when you have worked so hard on writing it.

And you have to write a book that stands out from all the others. Because these days, anyone can write a book online and publish it for free. So while it's a great opportunity for you, thousands of others can do it as well. But if you create a book online with the right title, cover art, and book description, you will have one of the top selling books on the market.

I know you can do it.

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