Writer Guide To Writing A Bestseller

Every Writer Needs To Know The Bestseller Formula
Every Writer Needs To Know The Bestseller Formula

Writer Guide to Writing A Bestseller:  If you are thinking of writing a book, congratulations!

You can count yourself among the millions of others who are thinking of becoming a writer, right at this moment.

Disheartened?  Don't be. Because if you think you are new to the world of publishing and writing, you aren’t. If you text, tweet, Facebook, or even post to social media websites like Pinterest, you have been publishing your writing for a very long time.

And it doesn't matter that you transmit and publish everything you write electronically. That your writing is not organized into chapters and published for sale on the Barnes & Noble best sellers list. Because every time you hit the button to send out your writing for other people to read, you are publishing something.

And you know this is true because people are reading your writing and responding. They are responding to the written word that you have formatted to the publishing standards of your social media platform. And your writing has a time and a date stamped on it. Sometimes with your original artwork or photography. (Yes, selfies count.) All of which tells a story. Your story. And if you put your writing into a book format, it would be called an autobiography, or at the very least, a memoir.

The only difference between you and a professional writer is that you aren’t getting paid.

But isn’t it about time you became a paid writer? Isn’t your story as interesting, if not more so, than any other writer?

And now here's the big dilemma - which is how to write your own book and make it a bestseller.

You won't be the first writer to think about this. And you won't be the first writer to browse through the Writer's Market 2018 online like you were shopping at Amazon, looking for a book idea that will become a bestseller. Or the first writer to google the phrase best selling books 2018,  or New York Times Best Sellers 2017,  or famous authors of novels.  Or even James Patterson.  And wonder how he does it.

And be honest. Haven't you at least thought about how to write a novel in a weekend? Or tried to turn a blog into one of the best selling nonfiction books of all time?

But really, what makes a book a bestseller? What is the bestseller formula?

Stop beating yourself up about it, and become a writer of best selling books instead. One of the best authors of all time. And here is some bestseller writing advice to help:

Writer Guide: How To Write A Bestselling Nonfiction Book.

The best selling nonfiction books of all time are really just self-help books, and anyone can write one. You just have to get your brain into the self-help guru mindset.

Because if you have overcome anything major in your life, your life experience is probably very interesting.  And a real-life story - like starting a successful business with nothing, getting out of debt, finishing college with no money or hope, overcoming an illness, or losing a dramatic amount of weight - are all top selling self-help books in the making.

You just have to package your book as the grandiose bestseller that it already is.

By simplifying  your experience so that anyone can identify with it and then amplifying  it so that it reaches the masses. Making the whole book greater than the sum of its parts.

And if you haven’t already blogged about your success, it’s time to start. Begin by writing down everything you can remember about why you were so successful. What worked for you and what didn’t? This is the information that book buyers want to read about.

Maybe you went through a traumatic time in your life and you survived it. You didn’t change the world, but you are still here. How did you make it? Others want to know so they can make it too. And maybe the best thing you can do to help someone else cope is by telling them how you did it. A bestselling self-help book is all about how you feel about events you had no control over. It happens to everyone, which is why a book about surviving a specific tragic event sells so well.

Writer Guide: How To Write A Bestselling Business Book.

Bestselling business books are still nonfiction, but if you are a successful investor, or a small business owner, writing about your success has bestseller written all over it. Nevertheless, this is a glutted market, and readers here have hopes and dreams more than they have working capital and business degrees.

So you have to capitalize on that. And for bestselling business books, it's all in the title. Take your business experience and couple it with words like "dream" and "big" to create a bestselling title. Because "dream big" is actually what a bestselling business book is all about.

And the most simple, yet hopeful title, "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill, written in 1937, has sold more than 100 million copies. It is still ranked on Bloomberg Businessweek magazine's best-seller list as the sixth bestselling paperback business book of all times.

Which just goes to show you that while bestselling business books are based on solid financial study, they deliver a hopeful and timeless message.

Writer Guide: What Makes A Bestselling Novel?

If you think life is like a soap opera, it is. Couple this with the fact that truth is always stranger than fiction. And more interesting. So go on the internet and start looking for an unbelievable news story that intrigues you. Perhaps you already have one. A news story that as a writer, you can't put out of your mind. Now start fictionalizing it.

Because the reason a news story is the perfect inspiration for a bestselling novel is that enough of the masses have already expressed an interest in the story. So this story is an already-proven hit.

And the thing that stops many novelists from writing bestsellers is that they continually mistake that readers want to read the fictional version of their own common emotional experiences. Usually, they don't. Readers of fiction want to escape from their emotions. That's why they read popular fiction.

So this approach to "writing what you know" is a hit-or-miss proposition when it comes to fiction. And you don't want to spend a year writing a novel to find out whether you have a hit or a miss. And while self-help books and business books are all about identifying with common experiences, novels are about retelling the extraordinary ones. This is what sells novels.

Of course, you will have to change the names and the places, and alter some situations if you use a real story. But that is the imaginative part of writing a bestselling novel.

And if you find any life story that is that dramatic and intriguing, a bestselling novel is calling your name as a writer.

Writer Guide: How To Make Your Book A Bestseller On Amazon.

Realistically speaking, learning how to write a bestseller will probably include learning how to self-publish. And this is also when you will learn how to make your book famous. But this leads us back to our original question, "What is the bestseller formula?" And now it's time to do some research, and read about some best selling books in your genre.

So here is a list of phrases you can google, but this time, you'll know what you are looking for:

  • Best selling authors of all time
  • Best novels to read to improve writing
  • Amazon books best sellers
  • Barnes and Noble best sellers
  • Famous authors of novels
  • Top selling books of all time
  • Best selling books 2018
  • Best authors of the 21st century
  • Ny times best sellers 2017, 2018
  • Best selling fiction books 2017, 2018
  • Best selling novels 2017, 2018
  • Popular authors
  • Best selling book series of all time
  • Wealthiest authors of all time

This is a good place to start, and what you will find is that many of these best-selling books have one thing in common. They take a singular idea and expand upon it until it has a familiarity that appeals to everyone. And this is the bestseller formula that will help you write yourself rich.

I know you can do it.

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