Writing A Book: What To Do When You Get Stuck

Writing A Book
Writing A Book You Can Finish

Writing a book and getting stuck doesn’t necessarily mean having writer’s block. It may mean that you had an idea for writing a book, and so you are writing a book for the first time. And now that you have written part of it, you are stuck on the first few pages or chapters and you can’t seem to get any further than that. You are simply stuck. You may have even tried writing a book template or a book outline. But for some reason writing a book has lost its appeal now.

And just to let you know, this is very common for people who are writing a book for the first time. It is even common for seasoned writers who are trying to live up to the hype of their first book. So you may start writing your first book with all the enthusiasm due to new writers, but now you need some writer motivation and some good writing tips.

In order to keep going.

So if you are reading through some of the pages you have already written, and feeling defeated about writing a book in its entirety, don’t give up yet. Here are a few tips on writing a book to rekindle your interest so that you can finish writing your book:

Writing A Book: Knowing When To Cut The Cord.

First of all, you don't have to write a full-length novel if you are publishing a book for the first time. With ebooks being so easy to publish these days, it makes perfect sense to write a book online instead. And the minimum requirement is only 5,000 words to publish an ebook on Amazon. Which makes this is an easy way to wrap things up if your first book comes up short. Because if you have 5000+ words and nothing else to say, it's time to publish.

Not every book you write has to become a New York Times Best Seller. Because if you are destined to become a published author, at some point you have to publish something. As often and as soon as possible. This is one of the best ways to become a better writer.

So take what you have, put a really catchy title to it, publish it as an ebook on Amazon, and use it to learn about publishing a book for the first time. Then you can move on. With what you've already learned, you will be much more successful writing a book on a new subject. And it will be easier this time.

As well, doing this will rekindle your interest long enough to publish your book and be done with it. And keep in mind that with an ebook, you can go back and re-title it, redo the cover art, add to it, update it, or even take it off the market altogether.

And if you are a writer, it is far better to have some finished ebooks sitting around on the internet not selling than it is to have so many unfinished bits of writing sitting around on your computer.

Where they don’t do anything but depress you.

Writing A Book: Changing The Focus.

If you are writing a book of nonfiction, and you writing is stalled, you may have lost your focus. Or you didn't have one in the first place. So ask yourself this - what is the point of your book? Also, how will it directly help someone? Is the problem in your book trending?

These are important questions to answer. Especially if you have run out of steam after ten or twenty pages. No one wants to read a general interest book. So every page of your book should have a specific benefit for the reader. Something they can do on every page to directly solve their problem.

In this case, go to the library and do some research. You will want to reference some books from authors with doctorates who have bona fide information on your topic. Information that will directly help people. Even sorting through all this scattered information, and then putting it together so that people can reference it in one place, can easily make for a best-selling book.

Nonfiction writing is definitely one of the types of writing where you will benefit from learning how to write a short article and then posting it online to get some feedback. If viewers respond, that's great! If not, you need to keep experimenting with topics and writing online until you hit on something of interest. Before you start writing book. And then become stuck in the middle because the topic that you thought would be so interesting isn't.

Writing A Book: Your Opinion Counts.

If your writing has stalled, it may also be because you are afraid of what people will think of your opinion.

But consider this. People already know what they think. They also know that their way of thinking has put them in a place where they don’t want to be. What they want to know now, is what you  think. So they can make a change in their lives. Even if your information doesn’t work as well as you claim in your book description. So if your opinion and your personality are missing from your book, that’s a problem. Even though it feels like you should write to appeal to everyone to sell a lot of books, you really only need to appeal to one person. Your reader.

Think of your reader as your best friend. And if they don’t take your advice you won’t be their friend anymore. This is what your reader wants. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t have bought your book to take your advice. Think about how desperate their situation must be if they are taking real life advice from a complete stranger in a book they have never heard of before. This is another instance where writing websites will give you the feedback you need to help you figure out what people need to hear.

And giving them the help they need, in your own opinionated voice, is exactly what they are looking for.

Writing A Book: How To Become A Great Writer.

So when you are writing a book, especially a self-help book, make sure it comes from your very soul. It’s exactly what people want. And for you, it will make writing a book so much easier, much more interesting, and much more profitable. It's also how to become a great writer.

So whether you are writing a book for the first time, or publishing a book for the first time, start writing your first book by writing a book online and you will have a much better writing experience.

I know you can do it.

How To Write A Book

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