Writing Books Isn’t As Hard As You May Be Making It

Writing Books To Read
Writing Books May Involve Setbacks

Writing books is an involved and lengthy process, full of many pitfalls and distractions. In fact, if you are writing a book for the first time, you are probably at your wits' end right now. Obviously, this is because you want to write one of the top books to read.

But if you are like most people who follow the steps to write a book for the first time, you get stuck.

And trying to self-publish without the benefit of a publisher or editor seems impossible.

However, as a person who is learning to write a book, you may be making the process of writing and publishing a book more difficult than it has to be.

And there are many ways you do this to yourself:

First, by always searching for the perfect words. And then by trying to put together sentences that are far too eloquent and articulate for anyone who reads on a regular basis. You may even be trying to write sentences based on the eloquence of a bygone era.

Or trying to use every three-syllable vocabulary word you can find. But you may not be doing yourself any favors.

This is because you are not expressing your own original thoughts.

These are the thoughts that people want to hear: the ones that make you authentic.

And there is a big price to pay from being too hard on yourself while you learn how to write a book. Because now your writing is stagnating in all of your impossible expectations for yourself - and you are stuck in a mire of your own self-doubts.

Please stop doing this. Now.

This is not the way of how to get started writing a book for the first time. Because you will never be able to finish it. And you will never learn how to write better, or figure out how to become a great writer.

So instead, let’s look at writing books, not as a lot of disheartening and self-intimidating torture, but as work that you can accomplish because you have the insight, the talent, and the drive to do so.

That’s how you came to start writing books in the first place.

So let’s look at some ways you can start writing books in a more productive way. Books to read that people will buy.

And take the self-imposed pressure off yourself - as you may have become quite harsh on your own writing efforts.

The ones that may, in fact, be quite publishable.

Writing Books: What To Write A Book About Ideas.

What to write a book about will be the singular most important decision you will ever make. It will be the difference between writing and publishing a book that becomes a bestseller, or one that you can't even figure out how to finish writing.

And you may already have many ideas to write a book about - but which one do you pick?

The problem is, if you work on one writing idea for a year and it doesn't pan out, you can't get that time back. You may even give up on the idea of writing your own book altogether. So one of the good writing tips to make your own book great is to find one of the ideas to write a book about that you can finish.

But which ideas will make for a bestseller? Or more importantly - one of the books to read that people will buy?

The main thing is that you need to listen to your spontaneous  ideas. These are the ideas you can both finish and publish.

Because as a writer, you will get spontaneous ideas throughout the day, and you are compelled to write them down.

Nevertheless, how will anyone else  know you are a writer who is writing books to read that they will enjoy?

The fact is, they don't. But it doesn't matter.

The reason why you know you are a writer is because you can write. Even when it isn't perfect.

Because you have spontaneous ideas.

But now, somewhere in the course of writing a book, you have stopped writing it. But this is only because you have no encouragement. And everyone becomes tired of working on a project where there is no reward.

Which is completely natural. As people, we crave variety. And acceptance.

What is unnatural  about writing a book is that you are spending at least a year on writing one project. So before you start writing a book outline for something you think  will sell, listen to your spontaneous thoughts.

Before you commit to this kind of project.

Then think about it. Is this a book you can finish writing? Answering this questions as a writer will give you one of those books to read that becomes a bestseller.

And spontaneous thoughts are so important. Because once you are already halfway through writing a book, you will need to start writing down your spontaneous thoughts all over again. So that when your confidence wanes, you can return to working on your book.

And you won't need anyone's approval.

But how do you do this when your brain is tired of thinking about one thing? Easy. Do some research.

Find some books to read on your subject matter to get your spontaneous ideas flowing again. Then write them down as you have them.

And then you can finish writing and publishing your bestselling book.

To learn more about how to come up with ideas for books go here: http://writeyourselfrich.net/7-book-ideas/

Writing Books: A Clear Writing Style.

Now that you know how to come up with ideas to write a book about, let's talk about your writing style.

Your writing should be serviceable, and nothing more. Most publishers will agree that readers are looking for a conversational, but crisp writing style that is easy to read, along with a clear progression that they can follow to a logical conclusion.

That's it. And these are the kinds of books to read that people like.

They are not looking for complicated or wordy prose, such as a statesman who is trying to make a historical speech would use. So stop trying to write a whole book of perfectly worded, verbosely grand proclamations. Or you will never finish your book. You may, however, manage to drive yourself crazy.

Which means the winning format for writing a book is a conversational writing style and a clear book outline of where you are taking the reader.

For more information about writing a bestseller go here: http://writeyourselfrich.net/popular-books-write-one/

Writing Books: Getting Feedback.

Stop writing in isolation. If you are writing a book alone for six months or so, you will have no idea if anyone will read it, or if it is even relevant. And friends or family are of little or no help with regards to judging the market value or demand of your unpublished manuscript.

So what you need to do is blog or tweet about what you are writing. This is not new advice about writing books these days. But if you want to know how to write a book about your life (without feeling defeated), you are going to have to make some connections with the outside world. Fairly often. Like on a daily or weekly basis. Social media and blogging is also how you develop your brand as a writer. While at the same time, writing one of those books to read that people can't put down.

So start a blog and get some feedback from real people to find out if you are writing books to read that people want.

And don’t worry if you think someone is going to steal your ideas. You don't have to tweet what you are writing in your books. Just tweet about what you are reading. And slip in some of your own thoughts here and there to see if anyone reacts.

Just go back and read some more books about your subject matter, or some novels in your genre. Follow the authors on Twitter and tweet about what you are reading. Write some fan fiction. See what kind of responses you get. The feedback may give you new and even better ideas. And if nothing else, you will have a nice-sized following by the time you go to publish a book.

From people who already know you and are interested in what you are saying. And want to buy the books to read you are writing.

I know you can do it.

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