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Writing Ideas
Writing Ideas Don't Come From Nowhere

Writing ideas are all around us. All we have to do is get into the habit of looking for them on a daily basis. But because life is so hectic, we usually have to write in spurts.  Then by the time we have a few hours to sit down at the computer, we realize that it's been about ten days since we did. That's when there are no writing ideas to be had. And the few hours that we do have to write in is spent by putting off the very thing we want to do.

By looking at everything on the internet - the best distraction from writing there is.

Of course, though, we look at the writing prompts, because that's where our next big writing ideas are coming from. Short story writing prompts. Creative writing prompts. Deep  writing prompts. But all this does is pass the time. Because since millions of other viewers are also using these writing prompts for kindergarten-level entertainment, what possible bestselling writing ideas are coming from here?

Absolutely none. But it does pass the time and makes us feel better until we get a phone call or a text to respond to. And there's nothing wrong with that because this is real life and we have to live it.

So instead of feeling bad about ourselves, let's look at how we can get our own original ideas for writing from real life. And then have something to write about when we have the next chance to sit down and do it.

Writing Ideas You Can Get From Twitter Or Pinterest

OK. Let's be realistic here. Since you are going to be on your phone or computer a lot of the time anyway, let's start with ideas that come from social media.

Since a lot of people retweet and re-pin other people’s quotes, artwork, and videos, the writing ideas from Twitter and Pinterest become a veritable goldmine of writing prompts for adults who write.

For example, if you are writing a book about parenting, do a Twitter or Pinterest search for every account that has the word “parent” in it. And then follow them.

You may not need any information about what is going on in the parenting world, but what you will get  is a daily dose of what is trending. More specifically, what people are unwittingly concerned about with regards to your subject matter. These are the ideas that will inspire you to write more. And also make your writing more focused and relevant.

Which is what people want to read.

The same goes if you are writing a novel. Follow people based on where they live, what they wear, what they eat, what they do, what music they listen to, etc. And then you can create more realistic characters, settings, story lines, and premises. In fact, Pinterest is the king of both fiction writing prompts and visual writing prompts.

Writing Ideas From Library Books.

Yes, library books.

Because the local library is another place that has a treasure trove of untapped ideas. Plus, there is a live person there who can help you do research. By finding research books and literature that you never knew even existed. So if you haven't been to your local library in a long time, it high time you went.

And if you don't have a lot of time to spend there, ALL public libraries have another, entirely separate collection of online books. These are books you can download and read on your computer or mobile device. Without ever having to step foot in a library.

By going to the library and spending a little time, you will also come across many obscure and overlooked books. Books that contain things like ideas that were conceived before their time, abandoned practices, and sleepy theories, among other things. All of this is there and more (along with the real books of course), including other resources like book societies and other groups.

Take an afternoon and do some research for writing ideas.

And all you need is to do is find that one overlooked or forgotten idea that will make for a bestseller. And then you will have plenty of writing ideas.

If you are writing a novel, ask the librarian for a history of the literature written in your genre. The librarian can not only give you reference books of critical reviews for significant authors in your genre but also a list of novels you should read. So you will be writing better fiction.

As well, all the current bestsellers and new research books are here. This is because the library has the budget and the knowledge to order all of the important and newly-published books. You do not. So you will have an up-to-date idea of what is going on in the publishing world. So you will know that your writing ideas are on track.

Writing Ideas From Television.

OK. Here is the easiest one of all. Because there is so much fragmented television to watch these days, television becomes your headquarters for daily writing prompts. But we're not talking about using other people's work as a story inspiration generator of your own. What we are talking about is taking vocabulary words and phrases that sound brilliant and using them for writing better sentences.

Because let's face it, even if you have good writing ideas, you still have to have the vocabulary and phrases to express them. Or you will still be sitting at your computer needing writer's block prompts.

So television is the best place to find interesting words, phrases, and other such writing ideas. Some you may have heard and some you may not know at all. So when you watch television, keep a notebook handy to write down any words and phrases that strike a chord with you as a writer. Even if you have no need for them now.

And these words are not for any particular project. It’s just the way that television can expand your mind and your writing. Think about it. In the course of one sitting, you can watch dramas, comedies, sports, concerts, foreign-language programs, news, almost anything. But by writing down new vocabulary words and phrases, you remember all of it.

And there's nothing like sitting at your computer and having the perfect word, phrase, or interesting fact written down in you notebook to refer to when you need it. It will make your writing time so much more productive.

By the way, keeping a notebook with you at all times is the best way to keep track of spontaneous writing ideas for your new bestseller.

I know you can do it.

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