Writing Reports That Will Get You A Promotion

Writing Reports
Writing Reports Can Be Awful.

Writing reports for work is always a headache. But at some time in your career, your company will require you to write one that you can’t get out of. And you will probably put it off until the last minute. This is where you will find yourself sitting at your computer working on everything but the report. Until you have finished everything possible. But the report. Then you will sit and stare at your blank document screen for a while. Thinking. Until you go to see if there’s anything to eat in the breakroom.

You know it’s true, but it doesn’t have  to be this way. So here are a few easy ways to get started when you are assigned the task of writing reports. And how to also get a promotion in the process.

Writing Reports Tip #1.

Use the internet to do your research. (Obviously.)  But to speed up the process, make sure to use long-tail keywords when you do your internet browsing for information. A long-tail keyword is at least three words (grouped in a phrase) that you type into your browser to find web pages that are very specific to what you are researching. Long-tail keywords will help you find exactly what you are looking for and cut your research and reading time in half. Making you look like a genius when you finish writing the report quickly. And giving you the time to work on even more things that will get you that promotion.

Writing Reports Tip #2. 

Decide on a length before you start writing. Make sure your boss agrees. You don’t want to be writing fifty pages when only ten are needed. Or five. This is what will get you your promotion. Because first, you took the initiative to streamline a boring but necessary report. And second, everyone in your office secretly hates reading (and then discussing) long reports. Even more than you hate writing them. A short report and a quick meeting will make everyone happy. With you. And your future promotion.

Writing Reports Tip #3.

Take the report home to work on it if you can. Yes, I know that taking work home is awful. Nevertheless, you may find you get twice the work done in half the time because you are less stressed about it than in the office. This is because you don’t have everyone at work bothering you while you are trying to write. Even if you have a family, your home is yours and you may be a little more in charge of your time there than you are at work.  Plus, working after-hours on salary is always the quickest way to get a promotion.

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