Writing Tips: 3 Steps To Start A Bestselling Novel

Writing Tips: Pick A Setting That Interests You First
Writing Tips: Pick A Setting That Interests You First

As a writer, you may be disillusioned about following writing tips and tricks, or advice about how to write a novel that sells - because they may not be very helpful. Or something you already know.

Nevertheless, here are some fiction writing tips for beginners, and tips on writing a book for the first time. Writing advice that you may find helpful, as far as tips for new writers go. Because they really do work.

And that's because these fiction writing tips and techniques will help you finish your novel. And let's face it, almost anyone can start a novel, but when you are talking about how to write a novel for beginners, you need to talk about how to finish it first. It's the most important part of how to write a novel.

And this is where most tips from authors about writing books fizzle out. Because they don't want the competition.

So let's get started with writing tips and steps to writing a book you can really use.

Writing Tips, Start Writing A Bestselling Novel, Step #1:

How to write a novel step-by-step begins with the setting. And while the setting is one of the basics of writing a book, the wrong setting is usually one of the things that prevents a writer from finishing a novel. This is because as the novelist learns how to write a book, they get tired of the setting. A setting that turns out to be limited.

They have chosen a setting that they thought would be so interesting, so edgy, and it turns out that it isn't. But instead of changing the setting (stubbornly insisting there is something so fascinating about the setting), they keep it. But no one wants to stay somewhere where it is dull. Not even the writer. So this is a novel that will never be finished.

Instead, start with some fiction writing examples where the the location takes you away somewhere fascinating. What an awesome experience! This is why readers buy books. So developing the right setting is one of the first beginning writing exercises you should invest some time in before you start writing anything.

And the best place to go for information to inspire a novel about a location is Twitter. Believe it or not.  Follow any people with your location name in their Twitter handle. Because on Twitter, you can get the local slant on restaurants, bars, churches, shopping, local hangouts, foods, museums, holidays, local festivals, city monuments, regional heroes, city history, architectural landmarks, local laws and customs, etc. Especially weird, noteworthy, and weird ones.

As a novel writer, this is what you are looking for. Not Wikipedia information. So pick the city where your novel is located, follow some people on Twitter, and start your own blog about it.

Writing Tips, Beginners Writing Exercises #1:

Blog about three hundred words a day about your real live location, using the information you get from Twitter, for a month. (If you are writing about a fictional city, you can still pick a real live city and write under the guise of that.) At this point, you will have written a solid foundation for the setting of your novel.

For example, if you set your novel in New Orleans, start a New Orleans Blog. Then follow every Twitter account that has to do with that city name. You will have plenty of information, and committing to a daily blog focuses you to write something every day. You will also find that based on the slant of your blog and the people you follow on Twitter, some story ideas and maybe even some characters will naturally start to evolve. Especially based on your perceptions as a writer, and the type of local haunts you write about.

Writing Tips, Start Writing A Bestselling Novel, Step #2:

Now that you have a setting, how to write a fiction novel step-by-step includes developing some characters.

So based on the setting, develop some characters, but don’t give them names. Because character names are another stumbling block for someone who is writing a book for the first time. They come up with generic or names so exotic that have nothing to do with the setting, and later on, the plot.

But as there are no creative writing techniques behind them, the characters fall flat. Along with a dull setting, these types of creative writing, in particular, are novels that will never be finished. And this is not how to write a bestseller, or even how to write a novel that sells.

Writing Tips, Beginners Writing Exercises #2:

Instead, give each character a working name that represents their main personality trait. For example, the main character could be called “Forthright,” or “Integrity,” or even “Damaged Beyond Repair.” (Think "The Pilgrim’s Progress.") A villain can be called “Pure Evil,” or “Psychotic Tendencies.” Don’t struggle to come up with names before you even have characters. The names will come in time. As you follow these steps to writing a book.

Writing Tips, Start Writing A Bestselling Novel, Step #3:

Finally, come up with a conflict which you can later develop into a plot. If you have developed an interesting setting, along with engaging characters, this should come naturally. But most new writers start by outlining their book instead. Like a term paper.

They learn how to write a novel outline, or how to write a novel using The Snowflake Method, or use some other novel outline template. However, these creative writing techniques, or tips for writing a book, are not how to write a compelling novel.

Because now that you have a setting where something fascinating is always happening and you have some characters who are clearly conflicted, all you have to do is ask yourself, "What happens next?"

It's fiction writing 101.

Writing Tips, Beginners Writing Exercises #3:

For example:

“Forthright” went into New Orleans that night looking for a fight. Then,"What happens next?"

“Pure Evil” went into New Orleans that night looking for some fun. Then,"What happens next?"

But first, they had both had to stop off at a local voodoo shop and see a girl named “Cherish.”

Then,"What happens next?"

This is more of a creative writing format, instead of creating book outline examples that are uninspiring.

So while as a serious writer, these methods may seem a bit basic to you, these are fiction writing tips and techniques you can really use. Tips on writing a book for the first time that will help you finish it.  And these writing tips give you how to write a novel step-by-step. Rather than staring at a blank screen, searching for something elusively unforgettable to write about. We’ve all been there.

But it doesn't have to be that way. As you are writing a novel for the first time, keep thinking, "What happens next?"

This is how to start writing a book for beginners. And how to write a bestseller the first time out.

I know you can do it.

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